Photography HOMEWORK

Motivational Banner Photo

This project asks you to create a motivational banner using whatever material you may have. Post-It Notes, napkins, paper, etc… Please create a banner with a motivational word, message or phrase. Hang the banner wherever, inside or outside, on a wall or a tree, that’s your choice. Last step is to photograph the banner and then upload to your website. Please remember to give the photograph the title. MOTIVATIONAL BANNER and then insert the photo below. THANK YOU

photograph an outfit with a significant memory

This project asks you to remember a significant moment in your life. Positive or negative, happy or tragic, but think of the outfit/clothing you wore. The outfit can be hung or laid out upon your bed or floor. Using your cell phone camera please photograph the entire outfit. Thank you for sharing with me this important memory.

Movie that made me cry (or almost tough guy)

This project can be drawn or sketched if you prefer but at the least please photograph your device ( T.V., laptop, iPad) and capture any scene from the movie that made you cry or emotional because it was that darn good.

Fix it and document it

For this project I would like for you to discover or fix that thing you’ve been staring at forever but never got around to fixing it. Like a broken pencil or a hole in your jeans find something in need of repair. Photograph it and then fix it and photograph it once more (before and after). Upload to your website with a title.

Flash photo under your bed

In this project you will simply turn the flash on your cell phone camera. Look under the bed and take a picture! No moving things or cleaning up just take a picture as it is. (If your bed is on the floor or there is no space under your bed then you don’t have to take one, no point deduction)

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