A.P. 2D art: Photography

Melissa Chang AP Photography Portfolio

A.P. PhotograpHy will challenge you to create, critique and “Make” not take photographs

Course Description

The AP Studio Art Portfolio course is a year-long course that is equivalent to a first year college art course and is designed for students who are seriously interested and invested in the practical experience of art and wish to develop mastery in the concept, composition and execution of 2D design. During class the student will learn a variety of concepts and approaches to 2D-Design, enabling them to demonstrate knowledge and versatility in technique, problem-solving and ideation as well as pursue an in-depth exploration of a specific idea to create a cohesive concentration. The AP Studio Art experience is centered on the sustained investigation and resulting creation of a portfolio that is successful in all three aspects of development: quality, concentration and breadth – as outlined by the College Board. In the creation of this portfolio, students will develop a body of work investigating various concepts, techniques and approaches, as well as a concentrated investigation into an underlying visual idea found to be of personal relevance to the individual as an artist.