Historical Photographer Presentation




10 Iconic Latin American Photographers Who Challenged Repressive Regimes & Societal Norms


For this report assignment, you will select and research a photographer and their work using Google and the links above or the list of photographers provided. If you have a photographer you’d like to research not on the list please ask Mr. Solomon for approval. We want someone “historical” not a modern or present day photographer. Once decided, there are many books in class, which may be used for reference; however, these must stay in the room. Feel free to use them here during class or after school. You may use your computer for serious research during class time and the creation of your Google Slides/CANVA/Power Point or WordPress page presentation.

Presentation-  using Google Slides                 SELECT ONE PHOTOGRAPHER

  • TITLE SLIDE: Photographers name and year of birth-death
  • BIO SLIDE: Short biography, bullet points on the style or genre of photography. What are they known for, etc…
  • Please select 10 photographs that you feel best represent the best of their work, think the GREATEST HITS! Each slide will include…
  • -Title of Photograph
  • -Year taken (if available)

Then in 2 paragraphs, of the 10 photographs you chose, please discuss TWO images that are your favorite and why they stood out to you, what do you like about the two images. What’s happening in the photograph or who’s in the photograph. Write the 2 paragraphs on a slide following the photographs you selected as your favorite/most important


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